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Tue, Aug. 23rd, 2011, 10:51 am
lunadanipog: GOD AS CREATOR: Isaiah amused by the Creator King (Isaiah 40:12-31)

Originally posted by lunadanipog at GOD AS CREATOR: Isaiah amused by the Creator King (Isaiah 40:12-31)
I'd like to share this passage from the book of Isaiah.  Isaiah 40:12-31 "Israel's Incomparable God".  This is my devotion for this day and it's related to my latest post GOD AS CREATOR: a truth often taken for granted.  In this passage, Isaiah tells Israel how great their God is.  He even gave emphasis to how God sustains His creation.  It really amazes me.

Israel's Incomparable God
 12 Can anyone measure the ocean by handfuls 
      or measure the sky with his hands? 
   Can anyone hold the soil of the earth in a cup 
      or weigh the mountains and hills on scales?
 13 Can anyone tell the Lord what to do? 
      Who can teach him or give him advice?
 14 With whom does God consult 
      in order to know and understand 
      and to learn how things should be done?

 15 To the Lord the nations are nothing, 
      no more than a drop of water; 
      the distant islands are as light as dust.
 16 All the animals in the forests of Lebanon 
      are not enough for a sacrifice to our God, 
      and its trees are too few to kindle the fire.
 17 The nations are nothing at all to him.

 18 To whom can God be compared? 
      How can you describe what he is like?
 19 He is not like an idol that workers make, 
      that metalworkers cover with gold 
      and set in a base of silver.
 20 Anyone who cannot afford silver or gold[a] 
      chooses wood that will not rot. 
   He finds a skillful worker 
      to make an image that won't fall down.

 21 Do you not know? 
      Were you not told long ago? 
      Have you not heard how the world began?
 22 It was made by the one who sits on his throne 
      above the earth and beyond the sky; 
      the people below look as tiny as ants. 
   He stretched out the sky like a curtain, 
      like a tent in which to live.

 23 He brings down powerful rulers 
      and reduces them to nothing.
 24 They are like young plants, 
      just set out and barely rooted. 
   When the Lord sends a wind, 
      they dry up and blow away like straw.

 25 To whom can the holy God be compared? 
      Is there anyone else like him?
 26 Look up at the sky! 
   Who created the stars you see? 
      The one who leads them out like an army, 
      he knows how many there are 
      and calls each one by name! 
   His power is so great— 
      not one of them is ever missing!

 27 Israel, why then do you complain 
      that the Lord doesn't know your troubles 
      or care if you suffer injustice?
 28 Don't you know? Haven't you heard? 
   The Lord is the everlasting God; 
      he created all the world. 
   He never grows tired or weary. 
      No one understands his thoughts.
 29 He strengthens those who are weak and tired.
 30 Even those who are young grow weak; 
      young people can fall exhausted.
 31 But those who trust in the Lord for help 
      will find their strength renewed. 
   They will rise on wings like eagles; 
      they will run and not get weary; 
      they will walk and not grow weak.
(Good News Translation)